SAP Interview Questions

What are SAP MDG interview questions?

What are SAP MDG interview questions?

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What are SAP MDG interview questions?

Answer 1

Rano Alkurdi

Other than Technical questions : 1) Experience Brief. 2) Reason for change, 3) What do you bring to the table/ why should we hire you?

1. In MDG, where is the master data is stored?. Is it in MDM?

2. Is there any architecture diagrams for initial load & Harmonization process?

Initial load

1. How master data from SAP source systems will be loaded?. Is there any specific interface will be in-built with MDG?


2. How Non-SAP master data will be loaded?. By using file upload to MDG?

3. Is Hierarchies can be build in MDG for example, Profit Center group hierarchies, UNSPSC codes?

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