Should I learn SAP?

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Should I learn SAP?

Answer 1

Rehana Malik

Trainer and Coach

Understand it with this: Consider a Salesman with about five years experience and on another side an person with the same five years of experience.
Do you think they both have the same value?

Of course not, though the latter one put in some extra time to complete while the first one was already working even then it eventually paid off and now is valued more than the salesman guy.

The point is, the more you put in the sugar, the more it will be sweet or the more you will learn, the more you will earn.

Now exception is there also. If you are extremely satisfied and doing everything in your life that you wanted, then it’s is a rationale decision to hold on.

But if you want to grow and achieve the zenith, Learning SAP is worth it.

The whole business industry is running on SAP ecosystem, and so, the SAP jobs are increasing in proportion to the growing business companies. Thus to have a growth in career, definitely go for SAP.

Answer 2

Shan Morkel

studied at Gaithersburg, MD

SAP courses can help an individual to develop their skills on their particular field of interest.

The skill of an individual is said to be increased after doing a course and they are ready to face any kind of problem in their field.

One can do the courses staying from anywhere in this world.

Another big advantage is the time spent in attending the classes online. Working people can assign their own timings and they can come online at any time to attend the classes.

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