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SAP ASAP Methodology a Roadmap Created By SAP

SAP ASAP Methodology a Roadmap Created By SAP

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ASAP, as we all know stands for As soon as possible. Nowadays this term is being used in the world of SAP also, and for those of us who are not aware ASAP Methodology for Implementation, is known as the roadmap created by SAP which enables the users in providing cost effective and quick SAP solutions.

Accelerated SAP is more commonly known as ASAP. This is known as a step by step procedure which is meant for enhancing the speed of the implementation of an SAP R/3 System. SAP R/3 is the detailed set of business applications available from SAP, and this technology uses the client server model and also possess the ability of store, analyse as well as retrieve the data available for corporates which can be effectively utilized in human resource management, financial analysis, and production operations.

The technology has been time and again proved to be extremely useful in devising solutions which have helped the users in streamlining along with achieving a very low cost as far as implementation is concerned. This technology is specifically meant for providing an enhanced simplified Rapid Deployment Solution Experience, which is very vital and helpful in projects especially those to do with Agile and Standard projects, assemble-to-Order projects, as this methodology has always up kept the requirements of the of clients with regards to the different deployment strategies available in the world of SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing).

The different parts of ASAP, which are either be used on an individual basis or together are known as accelerators. These Accelerators are constructed on the basis of the best practices which are being by the SAP customers all around the globe and usually comprise of a number of templates, scenarios and questions, which require user input which is essential for determining some of the best way to implement their R/3 system. As per the figures listed in the SAP literature, ASAP can help in reducing the overall time required for implementing the R/3 system by almost 50%. What ASAP more interesting is that it can be shipped automatically with every R/3 upgrade and delivery and there is absolutely no additional charge for ASAP.

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