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Recognition for those who “engage” in our community (Part 1)

Recognition for those who “engage” in our community (Part 1)

If you are someone in our community who admires or even follows other members who share their knowledge here and contribute content, but you aren’t doing so yourself (yet), you may sometimes feel like we only recognize those who do. Yes it’s true that we spend a lot of time recognizing and rewarding those who write things here and share their wisdom. Let’s be real: without them we would have nothing to see here, literally!

But we also know that those of you who participate here in other ways, such as liking that content or voting on it, provide value too. Yes, you provide value, and we aim to recognize that too.

This blog post, and the badge that it discusses, are for you, the “engagers” in our community. I’m referring to the Random Day Surprise badge, which we award sporadically as a fun way to recognize every member who participates in our community on a particular day that is kept secret until that day. This badge is for more members than just the ones who post content.

Most recently, we awarded Random Day Surprise on June 16, Captain Picard Day (Stardate 47457.1). If you participated in our community on that day, you earned this cool badge (designed by our very own Caroleigh Deneen):

And now we want to recognize you in this blog post. Thank you for your participation, and we hope you will continue to do the things that you do! You never know when the next Random Day Surprise may happen…

Members who participated in SAP Community on Captain Picard Day, June 16:

Note: If you earned any other badges two weeks ago in addition to this one, your name appears in last Tuesday’s Weekly Mission & Badge Roundup post instead.

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