Is SAP useful for logistics?

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Is SAP useful for logistics?

Answer 1

Monica Schrader

former Developer at Infosys Limited


Supply chain management system works well on a trusted ERP such as SAP Business One, particularly for distributor operations.

Supply chain management is often a department in its own right for larger companies. But small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are also now following the crowd by reviewing, renewing and revising their processes which result in supplying the end user with their product or service.

The biggest improvement can be seen when an organisation’s supply chain relies on information being exchanged between the principal and its distributors or different offices in various ways.

SAP LO (Logistics) is a functional module that provides you, tools to monitor carrier performance, gain greater visibility into supply chains, and provide accurate and up-to-the-minute information about shipments and supply chain performance. You can also anticipate customer demands, develop and market new services, manage your service portfolio, and analyse customer profitability to focus on your most profitable customers. Transportation, purchasing, warehousing are some of the main tasks involved in logistics module

Answer 2

Vikash Khatri

Full fledged utility of SAP in logistics depends on the requirement. If requirement is for an organisation to manage its logistics function, SAP is quite useful. But when it comes for SAP in a logistics company, its not that useful. Most of logistics companies have their own ERP. Even in case of WMS and TMS multiple better options are avaiable

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