Is SAP a dying company?

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Is SAP a dying company?

Answer 1

Benedict John Torres

Freelance IT Consultant at Freelancers (2000-present)

Unsurprisingly, not all customers are too keen with public cloud. For Germans, the term for stolen is “geklaut” so having your data in cloud sounds like your data is stolen.
Germans, especially with their data protection laws, are not too keen on moving to public cloud.

On the other hand, Amazon, Azure and other cloud providers support SAP on cloud. In addition, the some of the past few companies that they acquired are cloud based.

Answer 2

Sascha Thattil,

former Consultant at SAP

It is true that SAP is very slow, very complex, not easy to use, costly in implementation. But still it seems the only solution which can process large data sets, from business units from all over the world.

With the acquisition of Business Objects they were able to bring at least some sexy (great UI experiences, strong reports, etc.) back to SAP.

But still, if there would be an alternate solution, clients would definitely would go for it. For today’s CIO’s SAP is still the best bet to go with.

Answer 3

Rico F Berg

SAP SD, MM, PP, PS consultant since 1988 (R/2 RV, RM, RM-PP until 1994)

Apart from the fact that SAP does offer a cloud edition of S/4 HANA which might still be in its relative infancy compared to others whose entire concept is dedicated to the cloud platform, they don’t put all eggs into one basket just for the sake of the “latest and greatest”.
SAP’s configurability, integration and readily available best practice solutions in the classic edition are still far from being beaten to death.

The number of SAP ECC clients migrating to HANA is growing by the day and there’s no reason to assume that long time SAP clients are going to migrate to another package just because of the cloud.

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