Is it worth to spend 3-4 lakhs to get an SAP certificate from a so called reputed institute ?

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Is it worth to spend 3-4 lakhs to get an SAP certificate from a so called reputed institute ?

Answer 1

Rajdeep Halder

SAP Consultant, takes an avid interest in Supply Chain Management

First of all, let me clarify that it does not take 3-4 lakh INR to get SAP certified. The amount you pay includes training, as well as the examination fees.

Just the examination fees cost you around 40k INR, which if you clear, you are certified by SAP. The rest of the amount goes into the training fees.

If you are already working in the domain of SAP in any company, you can sit for the examination and get certified. However, if you are a “fresher” in SAP, then you can consider the training+certification, as not only you can get trained, but there are ample opportunities to get placed as a SAP consultant.

Answer 2

Deepak Batra

SAP Consultant – Extensive experience across major SAP modules

I don’t think so, it’s just a tag.

It’s like a Rado watch which has only two objectives, one is to show off and other is to see time.

These purposes can be solved with a duplicate copy as well and most of the times we don’t actually have the first one!

Please work on your skill set and nothing can beat your skills, not even your certification.

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