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Important SAP Technical Transaction Codes

Important SAP Technical Transaction Codes

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List of Important/ Useful SAP Technical Transaction Codes

This tutorial explains Important SAP Technical Transaction Codes (Tcode) like ABAP Development, Add-ons & Support Packages, Archiving, Background Processing, CATT Test Tool, External Communication, Security, Spool & Print, System Configuration, System Monitoring, Transport System, General System Administration, Internet Connectivity, Performance Analysis Transaction Codes.

ABAP Development

SE11 ABAP Dictionary
SE11_OLD ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance
SE12 ABAP/4 Dictionary Display
SE12_OLD ABAP/4 Dictionary Display
SE13 Maintain Technical Settings (Tables)
SE14 Utilities for Dictionary Tables
SE15 ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE21 Package Builder
SE24 Class Builder
SE29 Application Packets
SE30 ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
SE32 ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE32_OLD ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE32_WB99 ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE33 Context Builder
SE35 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36 Logical Database Builder
SE37 ABAP Function Modules
SE38 ABAP Editor
SE38M Define Variant for RAPOKZFX
SE38N SE38 with Default RDELALOG
SE41 Menu Painter
SE43 Maintain Area Menu
SE43N Maintain Area Menu
SE51 Screen Painter
SE54 Generate table view
SE55 Internal table view maintenance call
SE56 internal call: display table view
SE57 internal delete table view call
STYLE_GUIDE Style Guide Transaction


Add-ons & Support Packages

SAINT Add On Installation Tool
SPAM Support Package Manager



ALVIEWER ArchiveLink? Viewer in the Web
RZPT Residence Time Maintenance Tool
ALO1 Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships
SARA Archive Administration
SARE Archive Explorer
SAR_DA_STAT_ANALYSIS Analysis of DA Statistics
SAR_OBJ_IND_CUS Cross-Archiving-Obj.Customizing
SAR_SHOW_MONITOR Data Archiving Monitor
SARI Archive Information System
SARJ Archive Retrieval Configurator


Background Processing

RZ01 Job Scheduling Monitor
SM36 Schedule Background Job
SM36WIZ Job definition wizard
SM37 Overview of job selection
SM37B Simple version of job selection
SM37BAK Old SM37 backup
SM37C Flexible version of job selection
SM39 Job Analysis
SM65 Background Processing AnalysisTool
SMX Display Own Jobs
RZ15 Read XMI log
SM61 Backgroup control objects monitor
SM61B New control object management


CATT Test Tool

ST30 Global Perf. Analysis: Execute
ST33 Glob. Perf. Analysis: Display Data
ST34 Glob. Perf. Analysis: Log IDs
ST35 Glob. Perf. Analysis: Assign CATTs
ST36 Glob. Perf. Analysis: Delete Data
ST37 Glob. Perf. Analysis: Eval. Schema
STW1 Test Workbench: Test catalog
STW2 Test workbench: Test plan
STW3 Test Workbench: Test Package
STW4 Test Workbench: Edit test package
STW5 C maintenance table TTPLA
STWBM Test Workbench Manager
STWB_1 Test Catalog Management
STWB_2 Test Plan Management
STWB_INFO Test Workbench Infosystem
STWB_SET Central Test Workbench settings
STWB_TC Test Case Management
STWB_WORK Tester Worklist


External Communication

SMGW Gateway Monitor
SM54 TXCOM Maintenance
SM55 THOST Maintenance
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SM59_OLD Transaction SM59 old (<5.0)
SMQ1 qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
SMQ3 qRFC Monitor (Saved E -Queue)
SMQA tRFC/qRFC: Confirm. status & data
SMQE qRFC Administration
SMQG Distributed QOUT Ta bles
SMQR Registration of Inbound Queues
SMQS Registration of Destinations
SMT1 Trusted Systems (Display <-> Maint.)
SMT2 Trusting systems (Display <->Maint.)
SARFC Server Resources for Asynchron. RFC
SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log


General System Administration

SM21 Online System Log Analysis
SM01 Lock Transactions
SM02 System Messages
SM04 User List
SM12 Display and Delete Locks
SM13 Administrate Update Records
SM13T Administrate Update Records
SM14 Update Program Administration


Internet Connectivity

SICF HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance


Performance Analysis

STAD Statistics display for all systems
STAT Local Transaction Statistics
STATTRACE Global Statistics & Traces
STUN Menu Performance Monitor
ST02 Setups/Tune? Buffers
ST03 Performance,SAP Statistics, Workload
ST03G Global Workload Statistics
ST03N R/3 Workload and Perf. Statistics
ST04 DB Performance Monitor
ST04N Database Performance Monitor
STP4 Select DB activities
ST04RFC MS SQL Server Remote Monitor tools
ST05 Performance trace
ST06 Operating System Monitor
ST07 Application monitor
ST10 Table Call Statistics



SM18 Reorganize Security Audit Log
SM19 Security Audit Configuration
SM20 Security Audit Log Assessment
SM20N Analysis of Security Audit Log


Spool & Print

SP00 Spool and related areas
SP01 Output Controller
SP01O Spool Controller
SP02 Display Spool Requests
SP02O Display Output Requests
SP03 Spool: Load Formats
SP11 TemSe? directory
SP12 TemSe? Administration
SP1T Output Control (Test)
SPAD Spool Administration
SPCC Spool consistency check


System Configuration

RZ10 Maintain Profile Parameters
RZ11 Profile Parameter Maintenance
RZ12 Maintain RFC Server Group Assignment


System Monitoring

SM51 List of SAP Systems
SM66 System wide Work Process Overview
STDA Debugger display/control (server)
SMMS Message Server Monitor
RZ02 Network Graphics for SAP Instances
RZ03 Presentation, Control SAP Instances
RZ04 Maintain SAP Instances
RZ06 Alerts Thresholds Maintenance
RZ08 SAP Alert Monitor
SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
RZ20 CCMS Monitoring
RZ21 CCMS Monitoring Arch. Customizing
RZ23 Performance database monitor
RZ23N Central Performance History
RZ25 Start Tools for a TID
RZ26 Start Methods for an Alert
RZ27 Start RZ20 for a Monitor
RZ27_SECURITY MiniApp? CCMS Alerts Security
RZ28 Start Alert Viewer for Monitor
ST22 ABAP dump analysis
ST22OLD Old Dump Analysis


Transport System

SE01 Transport Organizer (Extended)
SE03 Transport Organizer Tools
SE06 Set Up Transport Organizer
SE07 CTS Status Display
SE09 Transport Organizer
SE10 Transport Organizer
SEPA EPS Server: Administration
SEPS SAP Electronic Parcel Service
STMS Transport Management System
STMS_ALERT TMS Alert Monitor
STMS_DOM TMS System Overview
STMS_FSYS Maintain TMS system lists
STMS_MONI TMS Import Monitor
STMS_PATH TMS Transport Routes
STMS_QA TMS Quality Assurance
STMS_QUEUES TMS Import Overview
STMS_TCRI Display/Maintain Table TMSTCRI
STMS_TRACK TMS Import Tracking


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