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How will you execute a project with new change requests coming in?

How will you execute a project with new change requests coming in?

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How will you execute a project with new change requests coming in?


Change requests are also referred to as “CR” are quite common in any project baseline. This involves tweaking any aspect of the project plan such as the timeline, resources, technology, scope, and requirements. These requests can be raised from the client or any other stakeholder, even the team members or the PM.

There are many reasons why CR comes in a project such as:

  • A change from the stakeholder’s end when they want a new feature or technology to be added or some changes in the aspects like the budget and timelines.
  • Regulatory changes that require the project needs to comply leads to changes in the planned project strategy.
  • In the middle of a project, the team members might feel that they need to take corrective measures to resolve an issue.

The key steps included while implementing change management are as follows:

  • Performing a comprehensive impact analysis of the CR on different aspects of the project.
  • Discussion with relevant stakeholders such as customers or sponsors. Letting all the stakeholders know about the insights from the impact analysis of a CR and seeking their approval after understanding the points.
  • After the approval from the stakeholders, the PM should prepare an updated project plan and get it confirmed with the sponsors.
  • Once the sponsor approves the updated project plan the PM should start implementing the change in the ongoing project.
  • Maintain a history of all the changes happening in the project after implementing the CR.

The challenges in handling CR are:

  • Lack of a formal change management plan.
  • Stakeholders informally raise CR.
  • Handling frequent CR is quite challenging.
  • The inability of the PM or the team to deny a change request.
  • A constant conflict between the team and stakeholders regarding the relevance of change requests.

Handling change requests is one of the most common responsibilities of a PM that require dealing in a formal and disciplined manner.

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