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How Partner Add-On solutions enhance SAP’s Master Data Governance

How Partner Add-On solutions enhance SAP’s Master Data Governance

Discussing the topic of master data governance with our customers I have often received questions regarding industry-specific content and coverage in SAP Master Data Governance (MDG). While we from SAP have been focusing on several of the most commonly used data domains, there are a number of add-ons to SAP MDG, which are addressing additional content, e.g. industry-specific, additional data domains, or also to provide helpful tools for MDG implementation and operation.

SAP in general has been actively collaborating with a huge partner ecosystem on a variety of topics. This spans across services, value-add-reselling and as well a lot of innovation and product engineering.

SAP Master Data Governance has been SAP’s core solution for Master Data Management since more than a decade, and over the time several partners have built a number of add-on solutions to complement MDG’s core capabilities.

SAP Master Data Governance extension

for Enterprise Asset Management (MDG-EAM)

and for Retail and Fashion Management (MDG-RFM)

SAP Master Data Governance Enterprise Asset Management extension by Utopia (SAP MDG-EAM) is the only commercially available product featuring pre-built integration to SAP, delivering consistent definition, authorization, and replication of key SAP asset master data. It is a critical implementation step when considering a migration to SAP S/4HANA and essential for maintaining accurate and complete master data. The SAP MDG-EAM solution extension by Utopia incorporates out-of-the-box functionality of pre-configured data structures, industry templates, workflows, user interfaces, and best practices for EAM data objects. SAP MDG-EAM allows operators and maintainers to take costs out of the business by reducing MRO supply chain costs through the elimination of duplicate records and obsolete/excess inventory for MRO spare parts, as well as reducing equipment downtime and unplanned maintenance, improving maintenance productivity, increasing regulatory compliance and reducing EH&S risks.

Supplementing SAP MDG-EAM is SAP Asset Information Workbench by Utopia (SAP AIW). SAP AIW is an enterprise data governance solution providing monitoring, tracking, and managing of structured and unstructured asset data among multiple systems-of-record (ERP, engineering, PLM, and maintenance systems). SAP AIW accelerates the acquisition, transformation, and processing of complex asset data and the standardization of reference models (asset, work, parts) in one central location.

Utopia Global, Inc. is a leading software and services company for end-to-end data quality, data migration and data governance solutions. As SAP’s worldwide software partner for master data governance, Utopia is the exclusive developer of solution extensions for SAP Master Data Governance focused on enterprise asset management as well as retail and fashion management. Utopia‘s solutions portfolio helps organizations migrate to SAP S/4HANA® leveraging MDG as the bridge, and maintain data integrity between digital twins, across multiple systems of record.

PiLog’s Material Master Taxonomy for SAP Master Data Governance

PiLog as an SAP Co-Innovation partner for SAP MDG for Materials has developed “Vision-to-Value” data readiness of MDG for ECC and S4 HANA. The solution, published on SAP App Center, offers:

Searchability on all the master data fields including the complex classification views using taxonomy

Over 5,000 pre-built taxonomy and dictionary for materials which can be managed by the customer via pre-built UI

ISO 8000 Data Standards, Methodology & Processes woven into workflows & business rules

Multi-Language management platform to generate descriptions automatically in Non-English languages (18 languages and counting…)

Many-to-one reference capability and visibility without the use of a HERS material type functionality

Duplicate detection on two levels – Class + reference & Class + characteristics value match

Over 10 million, ready to use pre-catalogued & verified records from the PiLog Cloud fully integrated via micro-services

100s of Standard permissible values for each Class-Characteristic combination as per Industry standards

Tightly coupled business processes to govern the data quality throughout the master data management

PiLog Group is a global group of independent companies, specializing in Quality Data and Digital Governance and Analytical solutions supporting multiple data domains in a variety of industries all over the globe for over two decades. PiLog is a Gartner Customer’s Choice winner Honourable Mention in “Peer insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ Master Data Management Solutions company and also featured in Gartner’s MQ for the year 2021, PiLog understands the dynamics of data thus developed all the best practices as part of our Add-On for SAP MDG solution.


S&V’s FI-AA for SAP MDG is a solution for managing Financial Fixed Assets Master Data. It is a comprehensive platform for managing Fixed Assets from the point of procurement through its Lifecycle and eventual retirement.

It allows the process to be centralized and hence increases efficiency and accuracy of financial fixed assets master data creation. The process avoids re-works and re-calibration of assets which arise due to human error.

Further to this, the extension helps in

  • Minimising the risk of Asset failure
  • Maximising the gains from Fixed Assets
  • Ensuring that the Fixed Asset account reflects the true and relevant costs
  • On time maintenance activities
  • Potential tax savings
  • Fair market value analysis
  • Replacement cost analysis
  • Accurate residual value analysis at the end of depreciable life of assets
  • Helps the Fixed Asset management team perform many further actions…

S&V is expert in all data related services and management solutions, with more than 12 years of alliances with leading industry OEMs and enduring relationships with small, medium and large enterprises across industries.

CetaCon DDQ Bridge (Dynamic Data Quality Bridge)

DDQ Bridge is a SAP certified solution that guarantees companies better investment protection. Created by CetaCon, the DDQ Bridge enables companies to fully integrate 3rd party data services such as address validation and duplicate check into SAP MDG Master Data Governance processes. The smart solution reduces implementation costs through simple customization, supports fast implementation, speeds up your MDG projects, and can be extended modularly by additional data quality services like Dun & Bradstreet.

CetaCon is a leading SAP consultancy for master data management that works with customers to successfully accelerate digital transformation. An established SAP integrator for customised IT solutions, CetaCon has many years of expertise in MDM and SAP MDG and guarantees customer success using smart data quality solutions such as the DDQ Bridge. Our only goal is to fulfill our mission: Best data for your corporate business.

Itego Reference Data Management (RDM) for SAP MDG helps to address pain points and issues caused by non-harmonized, overlapping or unused Reference Data

In general, reference data tends to be non-volatile in nature; however, any change made to it can have a significant impact on IT systems and business operations. Without the central governance of Reference Data, a company that wants to be part of the digital world will not be successful.

Itego Reference Data Management (RDM) for SAP MDG helps to address pain points and issues caused by non-harmonized, overlapping, or unused Reference Data.

Using Itego RDM means establishing a single source of truth for Reference Data with maintenance processes driven by Data Stewards and Data Specialists which helps to realizes several business benefits (e.g. Reduced business risks, Reliable and flexible Business processes and many more).

Our solution supports the most important reference data object types, such as material group, payment terms and many others. The newest addition to our object-portfolio is the complex subject of exchange rates.

Start managing your Reference Data with ease!

Itego has been founded with the vision to deliver trusted data for companies from any industry. We are experts in SAP MDG, each of us is unique and has a great passion for teamwork. For these and more reasons we became SAP Silver Partner in 2020 and established a “trusted advisor” status with international corporations.

Low Cost MDG implementation in Plain Sight without coding experience Concento™ Rapid Data Governance (RDG) empowers organizations to adopt a modern, agile approach to MDG implementation. Business analysts can perform real-time prototyping and solution development in plain sight without specialized technical knowledge. It offers an intuitive user-friendly interface for data model maintenance, workflow design, and business rule creation. RDG then auto-generates configuration entries in the MDG system. These automations allow the implementation team to configure the solution live in business workshops, and they create an average 50% reduction in time and resources compared to a typical MDG implementation.

DMR, Inc. is a leading SAP partner specializing in Enterprise Information Management. Our MDG team is currently overseeing some of the largest and most complex MDG implementations in the world.

Stay tuned for more SAP Community blog posts about SAP Master Data Governance and follow the MDG Updates2021 tag.

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