How much time can it take to learn SAP ERP ?

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How much time can it take to learn SAP ERP ?

Answer 1

Rohit Chauhan

10+ Years across various modules and counting

SAP ERP is very vast. It could take a lifetime to know SAP ERP completely. They say SAP is an ocean, best of consultants gather a few buckets of it. 🙂

However, to become proficient in a module, it can take from a year to 3, depending upon exposure and hands on experience. This learning phase will give know how of the integration with other modules as well. The learning will never stop till you retire, like any other field.

Fundamental knowledge of SAP is easy to obtain, and most certifications can be done within few months, but to apply that knowledge, experience is required.

Answer 2

George Racof

IT Passionate and SAP Consultant +10y

You can start taking a 10 days course from SAP to become familiar with one module. Even so, it will not be enough to consider yourself a SAP consultant. Not yet. You need to spend some time learning how to use that module, then how to customize it and probably in one year you can call yourself a junior SAP Consultant … and the hard part is yet to come. You need to learn how to integrate all the things you’ve learned with other modules that you don’t know yet, you need to learn how to adapt all your knowledge to different business requirements … to make this story short … this is continuous learning process. It will never stop as long as you want to be a SAP Consultant.

Answer 3

Sumith J

General Manager at Basilur (2011-present)

SAP , Oracle or Info are all ERP systems. There is a easy way to learn these ERP systems. Start with modules. Every module will cover some importent process in a organisation such as inventory,planning,finance production planing etc…

Follow each module identifying master file creation requirment. Then try to identify the module parameters. Once this is done try to understand the interdependent parameters of all other modules where you will start getting all the physical process data capturing while having the analytical results through the ERP system. Never ever try to run a ERP system module by module in which synchronisation of all modules will not meet the expectation of the organisations results

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