For what SAP is basically used?

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For what SAP is basically used?

Answer 1

Samuel Pereira

SAP ABAP Consultant (2015-present)

  • SAP which stands for Systems Applications Products; is an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning ) Software.
  • In a very simple language, ERP is all about managing, planning and integrating different resources for your organization in a simple & systematic way.
  • There are different ERP Softwares for different modules Eg: (HR, Sales, Finance) in the market.
  • But SAP is a Full Package consisting of provisions for all modules be it Sales & Distribution or Finance or HR etc.

Answer 2


0+ years of Experience in writing blog.

  • Have you Ever used Software, Like Excel or some other things.
  • By using Excel we can do Some kind of Operations like Credit , debit and what is the balance amount.
  • Without also we can but this Excel is a software it will reduce our work.
  • In the Same way Big Organization need a software, A organization is having Different type of Department like Purchase, Stores, Sales,Marketing, Hr.

Answer 3

Josef Aaron Lim

Manager at Accenture (2017-present)

  • SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software just like Oracle, NetSuite and Infor.
  • This software helps business in different departments – Finance, Supply Chain, Purchasing, HR.
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