SAP Interview Questions

FICO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

FICO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

In SAP FICO what does a ‘Posting Period’ refer to?

SAP is divided into several posting period, in a typical fiscal year, with a definite start and end date and the same is defined specifically for each of these periods. Only when the posting periods are in place that’s when in the system any document posting. Generally, there are 12 posting periods. Each posting period comprises of a month and a year.

In SAP FICO what is a ‘Special Period’?

SAP permits the defining of a maximum of four more posting periods, which are referred to “Special Periods”, as these are utilized for year-end closing activities. All of this is made possible by dividing the last posting period into more than one, but a maximum of four, period. Typically, all the postings in these special periods should be counted in the last posting period. It is not possible to determine the special periods automatically based on the posting date of the document. The special period has to be entered manually in the document header, in the ‘posting period’ field.

What does APP in SAP Fico refer to?

APP refers to ‘Automatic Payment Program’ this is a tool provided by SAP to companies for paying the customers and vendors. The APP tools helps in avoiding any mistakes which take place in posting manually. The payment through APP becomes more reasonable and doable when the number of employees is more in the company.

In APP, Can we use check and bank transfer simultaneously to send the payments to vendors?

You have to assign APP payment method to bank & vendor.

What is Back Order?

A customer places an order to a company. If the current stock level is insufficient or the company has no stock then company places a Back-order which simply means that they do not have sufficient stock and they need to order more from the supplier or distributor. Thus back order is an unfilled customer order.

In finance accounting, what is General Ledger?

A General Ledger comprises of all the transaction details listed in a company. This serves as primary record for maintaining all accounting details. Common general ledger entries include purchases from vendors, customer transactions, along with internal company transactions.

What are the component of GL documents?

  • Company code
  • Fiscal year
  • Posting periods
  • Field status group
  • Tolerance
  • Document type

What is TAN number?

TAN number is a tax deduction and collection Account Number which is used for deducting the taxes at source.

Transaction code to know that new General Ledger is activated?

There is no T.code for New G/L and we can activate it through this path Financial a/c-FAGL-Activate New G/L then you can tick mark and activate the New G/L after this configuration you can new changes in configuration path under Financial Accounting.

What are some of the std SAP reports available on allocations (assessments and distribution)?

  • KSU6 for actual assessment.
  • KSV6 for actual distribution.
  • KSVC for planned distribution.
  • KSUC for actual distribution.

How to Close Outstanding Items for Output Control Documents that Cannot be Cleared?

Please use the below transaction codes:

  • GL clearing – F-03
  • Customer clearing – F-32
  • Vendor clearing F-44

How to Transfer Posted Cost Center Costs to Profitability Analysis?

Please follow the path below:

Explanation -> Options -> Assessment -> Indirect activity allocation -> Indirect activity allocation.

How many chart of A/c will be used if the client have two company code One in INDIA and other One in US?

It depends on client requirements. If client wants to have single COA for both Country or If they want to have different COA they can go ahead. If they want to have both company codes reports in single as consolidation, they can use group COA which captures consolidation report.

What is the t-code to Check Open and Close Posting Periods?

Kindly use T-code OB52 to check with open & close posting period.

How to Block inv value more then 1,00,000?

Please use transaction code OMR6 and Cross check for tolerance keys PP and DQ for your company code where system allow you to post vendor invoice with payment block status.

What is the procedure to display Form16?

First navigate to T.code J1incert then fill the all fields and execute it in order to display form no 16A.

What are the GL accounts which is hit during vendor invoice entry?

Bank ac and sundry creditors.

During payment how is the double entry like for vendor only?

Vendor acc dr bank ac cr.

What are the various scenarios when a Zero Tax Rate GL Posting is possible?

  • Items which are Tax Exempt
  • Transaction is a Tax Exempt

How to configure number ranges in controlling?

It is controlling from basic configuration, you can get it from T-Code SPRO.

How to derive exchange rate line item billing during VF04?

You please combile all deliveries in one billing invoice like given below

  • Payer
  • Actual GI Date from Delivery
  • Payment Terms
  • Inco Terms
  • Account Assignment Group of customer
  • Exchange Rate

What is year Specific fiscal year variant?

Periods can vary from year to year ie :-A fiscal year variant has to be defined as year specific if one of the following conditions is fulfilled.

1) Some fiscal years use a different number of posing periods. 

2). the start and end dates of the posing periods for some fiscal years are different to the dates for other fiscal years.

How to set the Print Parameter for Generate Account Statement and Payment Form?

You can request those two FI-CA correspondences from FCC. For the printing, some print options need to be defined. The system therefore calls FI-CA event 2821. The standard delivered implementation FKK_SAMPLE_2821 copies the printer parameter from the user data in FI-CA of the invoking user. An adjustment may also be needed on the project side.

If you use the correspondence function from FCC, it is always advisable to test this function first in the FI-CA back end. For example, you could create an account statement using transaction FPL9.


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