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Explain Meta data,Transaction data and Master data?

Explain Meta data,Transaction data and Master data?

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Explain Meta data,Transaction data and Master data?


Metadata: Metadata informs a person about the information of a data. This gives a person in-depth information about the hierarchy of the information or it is also called Meta Objects. There are many types of metadata. Some of the metadata are structural metadata, descriptive metadata, reference metadata, statistical metadata, and administrative metadata. Each of these types has a different kind of function in a system.

Next is the transaction data. This is nothing but the information pertaining to the transactions which happen on the day to day basis. After that comes the master data. Data provides essential information about the materials, the employees, and even information related to the customer of that service. One can also call it the data of reference.

For instance: the person orders a product which is 20 units. So instead of asking for the customer’s address 20 times, the same information can be used from the master data of the customer.

SAP cannot be called a database. Since it is an application it uses the databases which are provided by other retailers. These retailers include Server, Oracle, SOL, and many other retailers.

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