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Does SAP Certification Sufficient for your Career Growth?

Does SAP Certification Sufficient for your Career Growth?

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It is always good to ask questions, to make yourself assure whether something is beneficial or not. SAP aspirants or consultants might have many queries at the back of their mind stating,

  • Why do I need an SAP certification?
  • How does it affect my career?
  • Do I need a certification to pursue SAP consulting?
  • Why are recruiters preferring the one with certification? And so on.

This is a platform where we can discuss these questions.

Once you have decided to grow your career in ERP, the very first step should be acquiring knowledge in that domain, be it technical consulting or functional consulting. Hence, one should plan accurately before jumping onto choosing the career as it involves using resources, spending sweat and blood and even making sacrifices.

What do we require to do?

In order to survive in the so-called IT firm, we must always keep ourselves updated. One can assign any kind of role in the company but the real play is where we put our efforts to gain knowledge in that project or the field. Being skillful helps us in the long run as one having the depth knowledge always wins. So we can conclude that what really is to be incurred is knowledge which can be in either ways, as an aspirant or the firm.

How can a whip hand play a role?

As far as the client or the firm is considered, it is quite important for them to choose the proper person for their organization. They always in want of the ways to select the right one. It may be through various tests or interview, which gives them an idea of what the candidate possess. This might compel them to search for the people who are certified in SAP. The Information Technology sector is so competitive that having certified professionals is always a boon for them. On the same hand, it is quite essential that the firm or the team itself must be quite acknowledged over the subject of work. This may require them to take a hand at the certification because, without proper awareness, the firm might not yield what they want.

How can aspirants equip themselves?

For a fresher or a working professional, it might not to be easy to prove themselves in the aspects of the company. The words might fall out to impress them. SAP certification can help them to prove their skill. Moreover, just think, we always run for optimization and so does the firm, they will always prefer a certified professional than a person whom they have to train.

So, what is the next?

We discussed all possible reasons for doing SAP certification. Now, one might think, where do I do all this? How the companies will be assured? The answer is quite simple. The organization which developed SAP will obviously train, test and certify people. Hence, the people who have developed the software are sole bearers to certify too and this authorization is solemnly approved to the firms.

About SAP certification

Like any other software companies, ERP software giant SAP have their own training centers and provide authorized certification. Also, SAP has some professional training institutes such as Atos which conduct training, examine and certify.

How to approach SAP certification?

There are various ways through which one can do certification according to their convenience.

  • Through ‘SAP Training Centers’ spread across the globe.
  • Through ‘SAP Certification Hub’ but online training in ‘SAP Learning Hub’ or ‘SAP Classroom Training is mandatory.
  • Training through SAP authorized training centers and certification from SAP.
  • Appearing SAP Certification in ‘SAP TechEd’ at discounted price.
  • Training or work experience in current organization and then head for ‘SAP Direct Certification’.
  • Training or work experience in current organization and then head for ‘SAP Direct Certification’ through ‘SAP Certification Campaign’ at discounted price.

According to one’s affordability and experience, the certification can be done but for the beginners, first two options are recommended.

Effects of SAP certification

Now the main agenda, what does this certification do to me? It is obvious that doing a certification will enhance the resume or curriculum vitae but this alone may not help in the long run. In order to become a skilled professional, you must need a hands on knowledge on the domain and consulting skills. It is seen that many people who own a certificate may not turn up as good at work and in the same time, people having a vast experience might not even dwell in the basics.

So, it is quite necessary to be able to handle the real time problems and also be certified, as it helps in building a career eventually. Happy learning!

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