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Organizational structure in the MM module?

What is organizational structure, organizational structure in the MM module?

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Do you know about organizational structure in the MM module?


The Structure in MM Module is a ladder in which various organizational units are arranged designed according to the functions and tasks of each of them. The units that make the structure of the organization are as given below.

The first is the client and this unit is independent. This unit has a different record system and well as its own table sets. The second is the company code. This is one of the smaller units of the organization. For the need for external reports, one can make a self-reliant account set for the unit of company code. The third is the plan.

This is where the supplies are formed and the services and goods are given. The industry can be broken down into different plants based on maintenance, supplies, production, procurement, etc. The next is the location of the storage. The produced goods are kept in this unit. The next is the number of the warehouse this shows the system of the warehouse.

It is different for every area of storage and organization. After that is the storage type which tells one the different areas such as issuing area, area for picking up the goods, etc. The next is the organization of the purchasing which is the unit that negotiates with others for purchasing and also obtains the services and the material.

The next is group purchasing which is a code for an individual buyer or a group who actually purchases the materials. This unit is also partially involved in negotiating and obtaining the goods.

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