Can freshers do an SAP course?

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Can freshers do an SAP course?

Answer 1

Durgesh Singh

Spiritual seeker, SAP professional

So you mean as a fresher, without any work experience doing SAP course with a training institute whether SAP partner or not ?

Yes, you can do, but is that worth doing ?… the question.

For example, after my B.E (Computers), I did training and certification in SAP ABAP (from an SAP partner institute), and after struggling for 2 months, got a job with a consultancy firm. As ABAP is a technical module, companies really showed interest in hiring freshers.

Now another example, my batch mate who completed graduation with me, did not worked anywhere, but rather did 2 years full time MBA in finance (though he was from engineering background) and immediately later pursued a course in SAP Finance. Now he struggled for almost 8 months to find a job in SAP consulting. So being demotivated, he dropped the idea of consulting, looked for a job in core finance and joined a firm in Chennai as a financial analyst . He worked there for a year, then re-built his resume and finally got a job in a consulting firm (which was his basic intention)….. now why such a long route for him to become SAP FI Consultant?….. because he lacked the initial experience working as a finance guy.

So be cautious before choosing a course in SAP, there is nothing called job guarantee, but only “job assistance”.

A training institute will not stop you from doing SAP course, because for them it is inflow of money. Why do they care about you do once the course is over?

Answer 2


Before I explain things, please note that this is exclusively my personal opinion and based on my life experiences so no one is advised to follow it blindly. The story below might give insight to people, to dig in more before choosing SAP career. SAP itself is great platform but only for experienced people and lucky ones and it is still the market leader in ERP segment and will remain so for many years. Anyone who wishes to get in SAP, please do it, if you are lucky and hard working, you will have a great career.

About me- was engineer in manufacturing plant(worked for 5+ years), switched to SAP and got job after so much struggle, did projects but left it after 2 years because it didnt make any sense to me.

Most of the people dont even know the reality of SAP career, what actually are pros and cons, most of the time there is no proper guidance and that leads to a miserable life.

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