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5 Shortcuts for Fresher to become an Expert SAP Consultant

5 Shortcuts for Fresher to become an Expert SAP Consultant

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All of us are eager to move ahead in our careers and we want to grow in our professional life. While some people are often considered very lucky as they are able to make the right move at the right time but quite a few of us are not able to figure out things. Let us analyse how you can make a quick move and become an expert SAP Consultant from a Junior SAP Consultant.

For a New Comer/ Fresher/New SAP Consultants

1) There’s a right time for everything:

The most important thing for you is to ensure that you are in the right profession at the right time. There a lot to do with consulting in SAP and the most appropriate time for you to move into consulting is when you have spent a couple of years working in the field of SAP technology. That’s the time when you have ample of experience and are fully aware of how technology works.

2) Learning is the Key:

If you are aim is to become a SAP consultant, then you should solely focus on learning.

Numerous individuals are of the assessment that the SAP Certification would connect this hole in any case, truth be told, it is most certainly not. SAP Certification would most likely give you a superior attractiveness, be that as it may, it doesn’t make you finish SAP Consultant. Doing accreditation may build your attractiveness, although it doesn’t promise that you will have the capacity to land your SAP position or in a project rapidly.

3) Right Technique:

Some individuals who aim at becoming a consultant in SAP right from the beginning try and comprehend the rates of SAP like any other field. They don’t understand that what they require from their end is tuning in to see the updates of SAP, through the medium of webcasts, item overview, etc….You need to be fully aware of the right techniques in the field of SAP.

4) The Right Approach is Required:

You would be very fortunate if you get an opportunity to get aligned with the SAP team in your organization which provides you the opportunity of transforming your dream of becoming a consultant a reality.

Most of the consulting organizations prefer individuals with an overall experience of at least 2-3 end to end implementation experience as a consultant. Sometimes these organizations don’t hesitate in hiring a newly certified consultant as partners for encouraging senior SAP consultants.

5) Selecting the right SAP Module:

One must always select the SAP module which can relate to his particular field and not just get certified in any module of your choice. For instance, it would do good to a Chartered accountant to get certified in SAP financial or controlling more than anything else. It is imperative for you to select the module in which you are looking to specialize in.

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